Caritas Khmelnytskiy assists in social adaptation to minors who are registered in the juvenile police bodies


27.12.13, Khmenlytskiy
Doors Open Day of the Khmenlytskiy city employment center was conducted with aim to reinforce cooperation on social adaptation of minors and namely those who are registered in juvenile police bodies. Caritas Khmelnytskiy joined this event. Doors Open Day of the employment center favored professional self-determination and development of crisis youth under the legal age, and also prevent delinquencies among minors – event organizers are convinced.  

The event began with the presentation of employment center activities and excursion in information and spatial sectors of the center where participants got acquainted with information on vacant work positions, description of professions, passports of city enterprises, establishments and organizations.  Specialists of the city employment center informed minors about situation on local labor market, services they render, social guarantees for youth in the employment sphere, legalization of job placement.

Afterwards, young participants took part in motivational seminar-training “Believe in yourself” that was organized by trainer of Caritas Khmelnytskiy Dmytro Lysyi. Children performed various roles, observed other performers, commented and evaluated what they saw with excitement. Trainer helped participants to set their priorities in life; they discussed professional self-determination and worked out handout materials.

“I suggested watching movie “Ukrainian alternative” to minors who are registered in the juvenile police bodies. This film brightly displays variants of successful professional self-fulfillment in our country on the example of youngsters who are peers of movie audience. It caught attention of training participants and made great impact on our discussion,” retells Dmytro Lysyi.

At the end of Doors Open Day children received handouts and contact numbers of help services and local Caritas. Major O. Stoliar, Head authorized operations officer of juvenile police service in Khmelnytskiy city department, who accompanied children, noted that such events are important for this category of youngsters – they have a certain result; she also spoke about further cooperation.

Work of Caritas Khmelnytskiy with crisis children and youth is a part of all-Ukrainian project that is also implemented in Kyiv, Donetsk, Lviv and Ternopil. Such network of social centers annually takes care of hundreds of clients in need of help to cope with own life difficulties, in particular, they address for consultations or direct assistance.

All Caritas centers have decent technical and methodological basis for qualified social and psychological work with children and youth. Strong teams of professionals are created. They include 44 social teachers, social workers, psychologists who have spiritual charisma, apart from top-level knowledge and skills for their work.

Social centers for support of crisis children, youth and families foresees securing of basic needs, information assistance, psychological and legal consultations, conditions for spiritual and creative development of clients are provided. Both group and individual approaches to social work are implemented.

The objectives of such work are: to reveal positive resources of needful young individuals; to cope with psychological difficulties; to receive knowledge and skills that will favor social inclusion, healthy lifestyle, rational management of time, resources and opportunities, and professional fulfillment. Children and youth join educational, entertaining, sport, cultural and tourist events in social centers of Caritas and beyond them.

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