Caritas animal farm in Kolomyia received gazebo from Czech volunteers


23.08.13, Kolomyia
Tomas, Jan, Jiri and Vaclav had been working for 6 days under the scorching sun in order to contribute to the assistance for the ‘Kovcheh’ animal farm that was created by joint efforts of Caritas of Kolomyia-Chernivtsi Eparchy and partner organization ‘Arch-patriarchal Caritas’ of Olomouc city (Czech Republic). The leading ideas of ‘Kovcheh’ animal farm are rehabilitation of children with deviations of psychic and physical development, revival of ancient shepherds’ traditions and securing family leisure.

Each volunteer has a great deal of responsibilities, a job and a family in Czech Republic, but they sacrificed all these things and took an unpaid leave. By their own means they came for week in Kolomyia in order to perform an act of good will. They built a gazebo and it became a decoration of the lake in local Caritas farm.

Where shall we go to the seaside or to Ukraine? It wasn’t a question of choice for Czech men. They unanimously agreed that an ordinary vacation brings benefits only for oneself. At the same time, by giving own time, money and efforts for a good doing you can receive far more satisfaction from the holiday time.

“It is over 30 degrees in the sun and it’s sometimes difficult, but we believe that final result will live up to our expectations,” added tired Tomas, who didn’t have time even to talk for a minute. From 8 o’clock in the morning and till 7 o’clock in the evening they were constantly busy. They were creating a masterpiece out of nothing. They were looking everywhere for materials to built a gazebo and predominately various building waste were at hand for construction.

It is not a first time Tomas, Jan, Jiri and Vaclav visited Ukraine. They helped to eliminate the consequences of flooding in 2008 and they also worked in Lopatyn and other small cities where they implemented minor projects. But they hadn’t been to Kolomyia before. They admitted lack of time to go sightseeing in the city, because there was much work at the farm from the early morning and in the evening they simply needed to have a rest.

“Help of these three men is very significant to us,” said Roman Reznik, Caritas Project Manager in Kolomyia.”It is not only a gazebo they built, contributing their time, money and efforts in the process, but they have shown example to Ukrainians how to devote a piece of yourself for the sake of other people.”

By the way, ‘Kovcheh’ animal farm has already become a favorite place for many local children, and also for the ones from the city. Quite a few families come here at weekends so that youngsters can receive possibility to get in touch with animals. The main objective of the farm is to render assistance in development of children with special needs and support them through contact with animals.

Volunteer movement in Ukraine and particularly in Kolomyia is rather week. There is need in role models, that’s why Caritas of Kolomyia-Chernivtsi Eparchy is really grateful to volunteers from Czech Republic for a gazebo they presented and their kind open hearts!

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