Caring for the Elderly—a Priority for Caritas Ternopil


On Sunday, 11 September employees and volunteers of Caritas Ternopil’s Home Care project conducted an event they called “Caring for the Elderly.” The event was held on the grounds of the Cathedral and St. Josaphat’s Church.

“Many people, who are interested in our work, joined in the event. Staff and volunteers measured blood pressure, handed out mementos, recommendations on how to prevent hypertension, and brochures on the Home Care project.

We would like to thank the student volunteers from the Ternopil Medical University who always help us, and all the donors who allow Caritas to serve disadvantaged individuals,” stated Sister Olya, the event’s co-organizer.

The Home Care project consists of social and medical workers, and volunteers. Their goal is to care for the ill and isolated elderly individuals. Qualified Caritas personnel provide medical, social, and psychological support.

The program’s clients are individuals of various ages, economic classes, ethnicity, and religion. Many clients have survived a stroke, debilitating trauma, or have a chronic disease. The Home Care Centre doesn’t address isolated problems but considers the person as a whole including the environment in which they live. This project has been functioning for 11 years in Ternopil, and has helped several hundreds of people.

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