Canadian Philanthropists Help Schoolchildren in the L’viv Region


15.10.12, L’viv Region-Canada
The Berezhnyts’ya General School (L’viv Region) was built in 1966. There have been no upgrades to the building since it was built; the window frames are in a particularly deplorable state with the majority, rotted or cracked.

Currently the school has 204 students enrolled, of them 62 are in elementary grades. Unfortunately in the winter they all must keep their coats on when in the building because it is so draughty and many miss classes because of cold and flu symptoms.

Fifty two windows needed to be replaced in the classrooms of the Berezhnts’ya General School. Parents had collected money to restore some windows in the past. School administrators and teachers insulated the windows with foam rubber, cotton wool and plastic sheeting ever year.

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