“Easter basket” initiative was launched in regional organizations of Caritas Ukraine


07.04.2014, Ukraine
For many years in order to assist needful people there is a tradition to conduct ‘Easter basket’ initiative some weeks before the holiday of the Resurrection of Christ in the majority of regional organizations of Caritas Ukraine. Within this initiative the special fundraising campaign is being held. It renders an opportunity to purchase and distribute food packages that include the most necessary and traditional products for the Easter basket.

Such food packages are delivered before Easter by workers and volunteers to places of residence of children-orphans, kids from low-income and crisis families, physically disabled youngsters, disabled individuals and lonely seniors.

By means of this charitable initiative Caritas of Kolomyia-Chernivtsi Eparchy of the UGCC finds possibility to assist 150-250 families in complicated living circumstances. This year it is planned to form 250 food packages, informs local Caritas.

From year to year the cost of food package is continuously growing because of increased food prices, and also every year Caritas in Kolomyia tries to add some new products to this present. In fact, apart from traditional Paska (Ukrainian Easter bread), eggs, butter, ring of sausage, flour that are essential for Easter table, food packages includes groats, sugar and sweets.

In order to implement this initiative in an efficient manner Caritas organizes money raising campaign in several ways: by means of special boxes placed in Greek and Catholic churches in all Kolomyia-Chernivtsi Eparchy; via charitable auction, and also great amount of support is provided by entrepreneurs, actual manufacturers and sellers of food products.

“Resurrection of Christ is one of the most significant holidays. It symbolizes our Christian faith and hope, and also confirmation of our Christian love. By showing mercy to neighbors, every person gets his/her soul closer to God. That’s why, we approach benefactors in order to create a holiday for those families who don’t have material possibility to lay a festive table and decently celebrate the most luminous day on the calendar of each Christian,” deacon Sergiy Tryfyiak, director of local Caritas, addressed people of a good will via media and by means of targeted letters.

Thanks to everyone who joins this charitable initiative, hundreds of low-income families in Ukraine annually receive material and psychological help provided with whole-hearted love by workers and volunteers of Caritas organizations. We sincerely thank everybody!

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