Job Fair as an effective tool for job search under the project “Careers For a New Life”


A wave of job fairs was started by Caritas Zaporizhzhia in cooperation with the project Perspektyva. It brought together more than 400 visitors in the Edison Space Coworking. Then, Caritas Kharkiv picked up the initiative. Approximately 2000 jobseekers attended the event at the Metalist stadium outperforming the Fair in 2015. Caritas Kramators’k completed this wave. Its fair visited over 300 visitors.

Employers participating in the fairs represented various areas of job opportunities, but mainly the service sector, trade and industry. It is through the effective cooperation with employers, fairs attended so many people.

The largest number of employing participants was in Kharkiv – more than 30. In Zaporizhzhia, more than 20 employers presented their vacancies. City Employment Center helped in the organization of the fairs and presented job openings in various areas.

“The fair is a free space where employers and job seekers can meet each other and find new opportunities for themselves” – says recruiter of Caritas Kramators’k Alina Soldatenko. “After the fair, more than 40 searchers left their contacts to employers and scheduled interviews.  It is a good indicator.” – She adds.

At the same time in all cities involved in the fairs, were held seminars both for employers and job seekers. Their subjects differed. Thus, in Zaporizhzhia six seminars were dedicated to setting goals, preparing for interviews and self-determination. In Kramatorsk employers find out important information about the changes in state legislation. In Kharkiv they spoke about the standards on inspection of labor protection. Besides, in Kharkiv seekers received information on job search tools.

“Each of these activities was useful for both job seekers and employers, as job fairs and seminars give great opportunity to gain new knowledge and new friends. Caritas is constantly improving tools and means for effective work on the integration and employment of IDPs. Every day we see the results of our work.”- Sums up Employment Project Manager of Caritas Kharkiv Natalia Malyutina.

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