In the L’viv Region Children from Caritas are Preparing a Celebration for their Orphaned Peers


“St. Nicholas Day is just around the corner and parents are preparing surprises and gifts for their children hoping to make dreams come true, just like in a fairytale. So that no one is left without experiencing the wonders of this day, to give a bit of magic to those who really need it, clients of Caritas Brody’s Creative Centre in the L’viv region held a holiday bazaar,” explains Fr. Yaroslav Tsaryk, Director of the local Caritas.

Proceeds from the bazaar will be used to buy gifts for the city’s orphans before the New Year holiday.

The clients of One Hundred Talents studio prepared for many months. The hands of these small craftsmen made greeting cards, beautiful New Year ornaments and jewellery, unique gift items, and much more.

Visitors of the bazaar were greatly impressed by all the items and the children were happy to explain their craft and demonstrate their skills.

Local workers say that everyone at Caritas Brody is very happy that their clients are not ignored and that they care about those who really need help and support.

These activities foster very valuable characteristics in the young generation: responsibility, goodness, and independence.

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