“Easter Basket” from Caritas Ukraine


05.05.2016, Ukraine

Before the feast of Resurrection of Christ, traditional charitable initiative ‘Easter Basket’ took place in Caritas. It aimed to share the joy of Easter with wards of Caritas throughout Ukraine, including IDPs, lonely elderly people, children from families in crisis and poor families.

For many years Caritas Kyiv takes care about lonely elderly people in low-income and disabled persons who require constant care. By Easter more than 100 people within the Home Care Project and 260 people from boarding homes for elderly men and women received food of Easter Basket.

Besides, Caritas organized a blessing of Easter Baskets for 200 families, including IDPs and families in crisis. They were not only participants of the festive blessing of Easter baskets in the Social Center Caritas Kyiv, but also were given food for traditional Easter dinner, and carried it quickly to their homes. Meanwhile at the Patriarchal Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ, His Beatitude Sviatoslav blessed 120 Easter baskets for IDPs from temporary occupied territory of Ukraine.

Thus, more than 710 families received the Good news of the Resurrection of Christ, and Easter baskets or food for festive dinner thanks to benefactors.

Caritas Ternopil prepared 500 festive Easter sets for the needy. As it was noted in Caritas Ternopil, during Lent period people in need are especially waiting for the Easter holidays. Since for them this feast means real support, and the most important is a possibility to communicate with those who not only listen to them, but also help them. That is why it was so pleasant to receive Easter blessing, sincere greetings, and holiday bags filled with traditional Easter food and blessed by fathers Andriy Marchuk and Roman Zagorodny for everyone in need.

In its turn, Caritas Kramatorsk provided aid to 200 needy families. The organizers were focused on the task of encouraging these people with kind word and spiritual power of Christian values, to offer hope and confidence to their hearts.

Meanwhile, Caritas Khmelnytsky prepared festive baskets for 65 families in difficulties and IDPs from the east of Ukraine and Crimea. Almost every day employees of charitable organization communicate with families, who for various reasons are not even able to buy bread for their children, not to mention meat, dairy products and sweets. These families found themselves in poverty, and remained one-on-one with their problems. Children in these families are growing up as hostages of the situation and forced to endure hunger and hardship.

The organizers are grateful to all the benefactors, including Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace, Malteser International, Knights of Columbus and to all concerned people who contributed to help the needy.

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