Caritas Ukraine helps IDPs in their social integration


31.05.2016, Zaporizhia

More than 60 employees of Caritas Ukraine met in Kiev on a weeklong training, which preceded the start of the Caritas Poland project “Help in social integration of internally displaced persons in Ukraine”. It aims to establish and operate Integration “Centers on Family Support”.

The purpose of these centers is to help develop a kind of immunity to stress, build mature relationships in families and integrate into society through community building.

The total planned number of adult beneficiaries is about 20,000, and more than 1 500 children. Geography of the project includes Dnipro and Kamyanske, Zaporizhia, Kharkiv, Kryvyy Rih and Melitopol. The project is co-financed by the program “Polish collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of theRepublic of Poland.”

Every center will provide a range of psychosocial services, including individual counseling, group (psychosocial) classes for adults and children, telephone counseling and social support by the method of case management that aims to assess all needs and detailed analysis of the situation of IDPs. Centers will develop a personal action plan for adapting to the new environment, professional guidance to available public institutions. The ultimate goal is successful problem solving by the beneficiary himself.

Psychologists, social workers and animators plan to support IDPs in their psychological and social adaptation to the new environment. Programs include scheduled recreational games and activities for children, such as sports, arts and cultural activities in order to return beneficiaries sense of predictability and continuity/permanence. Centers give opportunities of informal education for children and youth, involving optional facultative activities and assistance in preparing homework. To reduce the isolation of IDPs common creative and integrational games will take place. Projects will support group sessions for adults, based on family values and improving parenting skills and relations in marriage. In addition, project includes group sessions in the form of parents-children, aimed to strengthen family relationships.

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