Caritas Lviv is getting ready to the exhibition fair


01.12.2015, Lviv

On the 3d of December a “Joyful handiwork” exhibition fair will be held in the “Center for social assistance” of “Caritas Lviv of the UGCC” charitable foundation. Elderly persons create different pieces by themselves: New Year and Christmas greeting cards, pictures, Christmas wreaths, Christmas-tree decorations, festive candles and bracelets. This handiworks will be sold during an exhibition fair. Money earned from this event will be used for further activity of the “Center for social assistance”.

Objective of the event is provision of support and development opportunities for creative potential of lonely low-income persons and disabled seniors. There are workshops being organized within the initiative. One of the workshops to be held by Taras Nosar who is a member of the Ukrainian Artists Union, teacher of fine arts and an internally displaced person from Donetsk. Students from Lviv High Professional Art School were invited to assist.

“Social center for the needful” project was initiated together with “Prosvita” organization in 2004. Its aim was to help lonely elderly Lviv citizens who found themselves in complicated material circumstances and live in unsatisfactory household conditions. For the period of Center’s activity its beneficiaries took part in all socially significant events that were organized by church, Lviv city and oblast authorities.

After the project was completed, taking in consideration social needs and desire of seniors to be socially active and useful for the community, charitable foundation “Caritas Lviv of the UGCC” continued activity of the “Center for social assistance”, regardless absence of a separate funding.

Every day elderly people get together in the room of the “Center for social assistance”. Here they can communicate, spend time with each other, discuss concerning questions. Their meetings are accompanied by a cup of warm tea or coffee and also tasty sandwiches.

There is also a possibility to use laundry services and take a shower. From time to time, excursions, joint trips, evenings, movies screenings are organized. Each Wednesday students-apprentices of the 5th course of Lviv Seminary visit the elderly. They conduct moral and spiritual talks, lessons on church music history and study of a Bible, excursions through Lviv city, they tell about history of outstanding landmarks and cathedrals. Project beneficiaries together with seminarians visited Krehiv Monastery, Rakovets village that is known for its vulnerary spring.

Every day nearly 10-15 persons visit the Center, in general 32 people benefit from its services.

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