Caritas in Drohobych takes care of hundreds of children from disadvantaged families


06.10.2014, Lviv region
Center for social and psychological assistance to kids and youth who have difficulties in studying and socialization “Stronger Together” in Caritas of Sambir-Drohobych Eparchy has been operating since 2013. Center clients’ benefit from material and psychological support, there is an English-learning school for pre-school kids and also a practical arts club in Palace for children and youth creative work.

Children visit Caritas social center with great joy, because they receive assistance in doing homework, organization of leisure, excursions, camps, visits to museums, theatres, cinemas, water parks, different types of activities and clubs. Moreover, they find new friends and have fun. Al in all, for the period of center activity over 200 kids and their families got psychological and material support of local Caritas.

8-year-old Vitalik from a disadvantaged family shares his impressions: “My sister Martusya and I come here on a daily basis. We do our homework and different handiworks. I dream of visiting center all the time, because I enjoy being here so much!”.

Various social initiatives for young boys and girls are being held in Caritas Drohobych premises on a daily basis. There are predominantly children aged 7-10 years from disadvantaged families, orphans and half-orphans or kids whose parents were forced to go abroad. Foster parents or parents brought them to “Stronger Together” center.

For the period of operational activity of the center, the following charity initiatives were organized:

  • “School Backpack” (300 kids from disadvantaged families received help);
  • “Help the neighbor” (1 ton of humanitarian aid for kids was collected);
  • “Letter to St. Nicolas” (350 wishes and dreams of “Stronger Together” children-clients and also kids from vulnerable and disadvantaged families came true);
  • “Nativity scene” (visits to lonely seniors, schools-orphanages and children’s hospitals);
  • “Summer camps” (250 children had chance to go abroad for holidays).

“Assist needful children and make them happy, fulfill their little wishes and dreams can be considered as the most pleasant activity in the world. When you see their joyful faces and smiles, with each time you want to give them more and more warmth and support. That’s why, for the last two years Center provide 25 kids with daily meals. With our help 7 families managed to find donors who help them in complicated situation. One family took part in the talk-show on “Inter” channel and got chance to make their child’s dream come true.

Combining business with pleasure, teaching and bringing love to the neighbor, studying and scaling new heights – these are the main things for workers and volunteers of our Caritas,” retells Natalya Golynska, administrative director of local Caritas of Sambir-Drohobych Eparchy.

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