Caritas grants for private agriculture development in Donetsk region


Caritas Ukraine has started the project ‘Grants for Private Agriculture Development’ in Donetsk region. The project gives a financial assistance to restore livelihoods of IDPs and local residents in rural areas through the development of private agriculture. ‘Grants for Private Agriculture Development’ is supported by Catholic Relief Services.

Internally displaced persons and local residents aged 18 to 60 who live in rural areas of Pokrovsky, Oleksandrivsky, Slovyansky, Constantynivsky, Dobropilsky and Velykonovosilkivsky districts of Donetsk region are invited to participate in the project.

The expert of Caritas Ukraine Gennady Yakubov noted that since the beginning of the conflict in 2014 over 60% of people living in the Donetsk region lost their main sources of income. For many of them agriculture has become the only survival strategy – a small private farming is a guarantee of food safety. The main goal of the project is to restore basic livelihoods of IDPs and local residents in rural areas. It is also a good opportunity to develop food independence for the whole family.

Within the project, the sum of 7 500 to 25 000 UAH per household is allocated for the recovering or development of its agriculture in order to ensure family with necessary food for a long period. The grant can be spent on the purchase of animals, birds, seeds, agriculture equipment and materials for greenhouses or outbuildings needed for agricultural activities. (Because of the danger of African swine plague in Donetsk region, grants for the purchase and breeding pigs are not given).

To participate in the project one must submit an application by March 31, 2017.

Download the application from the following link: or by sending a blank letter to an email: and receive the application form electronically.

It should be noted that just a few days from the start of the campaign, there were received more than 100 applications from potential participants.

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