Caritas acquired a special vehicle for transporting children with special needs in Burshtyn


12.02.2016, Ivano-Frankivsk

Charity Fund Caritas-Ivano-Frankivsk UGCC presented to children and youth with special needs from NGO “Dovirya” (trust) in Burshtyn a special car equipped to transport people with disabilities. Special vehicle is essential for transportation of children with special needs. It was purchased by Caritas of Fulda Diocese at the expense of the parent committee of Caritas Fulda workshops, which also employs people with disabilities.

“We are very pleased to receive such a wonderful gift for our children. Thanks to this vehicle, we can become more mobile now, thus, travel more, visit theaters, museums, and organize our leisure time. May God bless all concerned benefactors from Germany and Ukraine for their understanding of our children’s needs, and great support of this good cause”,- expressed her gratitude Anna Kovalchuk, grandmother of a special needs child, and head of the NGO “Dovirya”.

Caritas of Fulda Diocese cooperates with Caritas Ivano-Frankivsk and helps to organize centers for working with special needs people and their families. Caritas Ivano Frankivsk serves as coordinator of aid for disabled people and their families in the region and lobbies interests of people with disabilities in government agencies.

Caritas Ivano-Frankivsk supported foundation of initiative groups in six districts of Ivano-Frankivsk region – Burshtyn, Kalush, Tysmenytsia, Otynia, Bogorodchany, and Rozhnyativ. Organized and provided locally by parents, they started their work for the right of special needs people to be active members of society, and their opportunities for development, education, recreation, entertainment, and more. Thanks to their activities, in each of the above-mentioned regions are growing opportunities for integration and social adaptation of children and youth with disabilities.

Their joined efforts allowed more than 200 children and their parents to receive from Caritas organizational, material and financial support for various trainings and workshops, meetings, and communication with new friends. Thus, it gives prerequisites for adequate recognition of people with special needs in society, understanding of their problems and, therefore, integration.

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