Blessing of New Caritas Building and Children’s Centre in Kolomyia


11.04.2016, Kolomyia

On April 8, in Kolomyia new building of Charitable Foundation Caritas Kolomyia and Chernivtsi Eparchy UGCC opened. Bishop of Kolomyia and Chernivtsi Eparchy Vasyl (Ivasiuk) blessed the new premises. Representatives of Caritas from all over Ukraine and from abroad also participated in the event.

After the blessing of the building, guests were invited to the official part of the celebration. In his welcoming speech, Bishop Vasyl said that the dedicated building already has become a place where everyone can be accepted, heard, and find help. “Only the one who sees neighbor in every man and recognizes God’s gifts for everyone is able to notice and feed hungry men. Only the one who sees child of God in a man in need of God’s mercy can convert the sinner. To feed the hungry, to give drink to the thirsty – these are guidelines of Christian community that give us knowledge of the mystery of Divine Mercy and an opportunity to feel the real presence of God’s kingdom among us. Works of mercy affirm our faith in Our Lord, and He calls all creatures to existence and saves the world from decay of death”- said Bishop.

Part of the opening festivities was dedicated to children and the opening of the Christian Development Center ‘Garden of Talents’ in Caritas, under the care of Victoria Horodchuk. “We will support parents in nurturing talents of their kids who just need the right conditions for development. The center will offer educational classes in English, Polish languages, and fine arts. Besides, school preparation at our center will allow children to feel more comfortable in any new team and approach to studies with joy and enthusiasm” – said Victoria Horodchuk.

Then, Director of Caritas Kolomyia and Chernivtsi Eparchy UGCC Father Serhiy Tryfyak thanked to all guests, and sponsors who supported the opening of the new building and Children’s Center. He noted that this event is very significant for all employees and wards of Caritas, as it is another big step towards accomplishing Caritas ministry of serving people.

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