Volunteers from Western Europe Renovate a Building for the Homeless in Ukraine during their Summer Vacation


07.08.2012, L’viv region
In July the Caritas Drohobych (L’viv Region) hosted nearly 20 guests from Germany, Austria, Belgium, France and Holland. These guests, from different walks of life, came to Ukraine to help renovate Our House, a building for the homeless. Instead of taking a traditional summer vacation they chose to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged Ukrainians—to help their neighbours.

Renovation work was underway for 4 consecutive weeks. During that time volunteers and the homeless worked enthusiastically, local young people and Caritas staff also joined in to organize recreation and to allow the foreigners to familiarize themselves with Ukraine.

These construction vacations started in 2007. They were organized by the Caritas Sambir-Drohobych Eparchy of the UGCC and the German Internationaler Bauorden (IBO).

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