The Mayor Thanked Caritas Drohobych and Proposed Future Cooperation


For the first time since the Caritas of the Sambir-Drohobych Eparchy was founded, the mayor of the city, together with community representatives, city council members, and Caritas workers participated in a round table together.

“People with special needs, who live among us, are called on to make us better, to make us extend a helping hand to them. We can near holiness with this act. By offering acts of mercy, each of us pushes those around us to do the same. To sow the seed of helping others is our most important assignment. Our joint efforts can change the situation in our city for the better,” Fr. Ihor Kozankevych, Director of the local Caritas said in his opening remarks.

The role of young people with disabilities in the life of Drohobych residents was the topic of the round table organized by the local Caritas on 15 November. Participants of the round table included local government representatives, members from the city and regional councils, education workers, and partner organizations.

Oleksiy Radziyevs’kyy, Mayor of Drohobych who also participated in the event highly touted the work Caritas does in this region, expressed his pleasant surprise and respect for the magnitude of the work they do in this sphere. The Mayor assured them that the local government would closely cooperate and promised that funds from next year’s budget would be allocated to help the disabled.

Mykola Pantyuk, the representative from the Drohobych State Pedagogical University promised to allow students from the social-humanitarian Department to undergo their practical pedagogical training at Caritas.

Many ideas were voiced during the event as well as proposals on conducting joint events and festivals aimed at rehabilitation, including conducting the annual Day of Mercy and others. We hope that these issues and ideas related to cooperation and helping needy people don’t end at that but get implemented in real life.

“It is important for each of us to remember that the disabled greatly need our help and support. And not only our financial support (even though that too is very important), but help finding work, education, experience, love and care. The disabled should receive the most attention from the non-disabled community, but in reality they receive the least. Let’s change this together!” said the Director of the Drohobych Caritas during his closing remarks.

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