St. Nicholas Collects Gifts for Orphaned Children


For the tenth year in a row the Caritas Kolomiya-Chernivtsi Eparchy is holding the Help St. Nicholas Visit Orphaned Children event. “Children from 50 orphanages have written to St. Nicholas. Will their wishes come true, and will they find their wished for gift under their pillows? This depends on each of us,” says the local Caritas.

Childhood is a magical time for each person. It is a time when dreams multiply rampantly, and when it seems that all of them can come true. Children live in a world where luck, a smile, plenty and loving parents are always present.

Unfortunately, some children’s dreams remain unfulfilled, shattered by harsh realities like the walls of orphanages, indifference and greed. For this reason it is very important to support these children, to let them live a fairytale, even if only for a moment. Everyone can make a small contribution so that this year every child can receive a gift.

The Director of the Regional Caritas in Kolomiya says: “Donation boxes have already been set up throughout the city, an account has been opened and volunteers are distributing the letters children wrote to St. Nicholas. We are accepting donations of sweets, toys, and clothing.”

Last year nearly half a million UAH was collected to purchase gifts for children. Organizers counted on sincere people who cannot ignore the pleas of children.

Despite all their difficulties, children remain friendly and sensitive. Their belief in the fairytale and in an all mighty God helps them remain this way. For adults, each letter from an orphan gives them the opportunity to showcase their best traits which in the end make us human and don’t allow the soul to wither.

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