Special Needs Youth from Drohobych Travelled to the Resort Town of Truskavets in the L’viv Region


On 5 August, young people with special needs from the Drohobych Caritas went on an excursion to Truskavets, in the L’viv region. The resort town enthusiastically welcomes all tourists, but they were especially enthusiastic when welcoming the clients of Amazing Hands, the centre for social rehabilitation and recreation for people with special needs.

The trip started at the train station. Their first stop “The train has arrived.” Exiting their bus, the travellers saw their train. There were many people waiting on the platform. “What’s the problem?” asked one of the clients, Yura. “These people are setting off on a trip along the tracks,” answered Kostya.

And so began a lively discussion on travelling by train. They remembered what they had been taught about how to behave on a train platform, and they didn’t forget their traffic rules. As a result they behaved as proper, polite pedestrians should and lined up in pairs to make a good impression.

The second stop—the Museum at the Sambir-Drohobych Eparchy. When they arrived they viewed an exhibit of embroidery. The pieces displayed made a tremendous impression on the young people. All the pieces were appreciated but everyone’s favourite was an embroidered portrait of a love struck couple.

The third stop—an exhibition and bazaar of items handmade by artists from Halychyna in a park alley. Here we could not identify a single favourite among our travelling group. Everyone found a piece that appealed to them and attempted to negotiate a price. Instead of talking about the items, let’s move on.

The fourth stop—“A Glutton’s Paradise.” “The trip led the friends to a quiet street in the park where they rested and ate ice cream. This part of the trip was especially enjoyed by our young people.

Everyone enjoyed the delicious treat and revelled in the good weather, and great company as it is always more fun to be in a new city,” Lyuda Smolen’, Director of the Amazing Hands Centre for Special Needs Individuals, states when concluding her description of the trip.

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