Seminar for school psychologists on countering human trafficking in Volyn region


29.05.13, Волинська область
Domestic violence is always considered as a ‘private business’ of family and only during last half a century this problem is regarded as a problem of the whole society. Violence in family is one of the biggest violations of Constitutional rights of a human being – right to living and personal security.

“Family violence ruins the safety basis of family and society. At the same time violence is related to such phenomena as carelessness and homelessness of children, growing number of divorces, forming of extortionate mentality of nation, panhandling, loss of universal values of love and mutual understanding, level of criminality.

Domestic violence is increasing with every year. The mass media and law enforcement service more often report about crimes based on family conflicts. In fact, violence became nearly a norm of family relationship. In the majority of cases children are subjected to violence.

Problem of preventive measures of family violence determines role of school and teacher in carrying out activities on prevention of domestic violence” emphasized Victoria Skrynnikova, Coordinator on work with children of Caritas Volyn.

Recently seminar with elements of psychological training was held in Caritas Volyn social center for youth. It was conducted for psychologists and social workers of comprehensive schools in Novovolynsk and Center of social services for family and youth. The seminar was aimed to reveal the role of teacher in preventing family violence and to find out the methodology of psychologist’ work with violence victims. Training was organized by employees of project ‘Social and psychological support of labor migrants children’.

All in all, nearly 20 experts participated in the training event. There were two presentations on the seminar agenda: ‘Assistance to children who faced violence’ and ‘Prevention of family violence: work with children’. Definition of violence, its types and ways to behave when you spot it were questions for the discussion.

Psychologists received recommendations on arranging a right talk with a victimized child who addresses adult with a case of violence. Usually, children try to conceal facts of violence he/she faced. Particularly for cases when a child is not ready to speak about violence – a mechanism how to apply varied methodologies was presented.

Furthermore, training participants dealt with interactive exercises ‘Draw a picture, spoil it and make it better’. This exercise shows there are some things/situations impossible to remove from the memory of a victimized child. Nevertheless, improvement of the condition depends on a child. Exercise ‘Cup’ is an exercise-projection on investigationof children’s inner world. Other exercises for creating attitude on non-violence were also implemented.

Victoria Skrynnikova about the result of an event organized: “The leading objective of therapy for children, victims of violence, is to assist them in discovering and expressing their feelings related to violence in more adapted way. At the end of the seminar participants played improvised resource game ‘Bag of wishes’. They voiced anonymous greetings to each other and we understood that such events are really relevant and requested!”

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