Poor interest to solving problem of challenged youth socialization undermines cooperation with foreign benefactors


08.05.13, Ivano-Frankivsk
“Not once everyone got into situation when it was required to protect own rights and not always was able to do it. Awareness in sphere of human rights is more than training or topic on the agenda. Getting to know about mechanisms that are important for legal security is complex and long-term process. It is necessary to involve experts to legal rundown and at the same time to present material in an interesting manner” pointed out Lesya Dorosh, coordinator on work with children and youth from Caritas Ivano-Frankivsk of the UGCC.

In its work local Caritas gives considerable attention to legal training among children, youth and their parents. One of such events was aimed at legal training for families in crisis life situations. It was held in the form of meeting for parents and representatives of the Main Administration of Justice and Social Protection Administration of Regional State Administration Social Policy Department.

The event was organized in the framework of project “Psychoemotional and social work with children in complicated life circumstances” on the basis of Borodchany Regional State Administration Education Department.

Galyna Bazhyuk, Deputy Head of Social Policy Department Social Protection Administration, spoke about types of state social support, taking in consideration large and single-parent families, disabled children and adults and other families receiving aid; about paperwork and amount of payment.

Protection of rights to property became a topical issue for parents. In fact, question of residential space protection is very moving and has many pitfalls that can’t be solved without expert assistance and advice. Specialists of legal work and education, regulatory legal acts registration and systematization departments of the Main Administration of Justice in Ivano-Frankivsk oblast provided information on responsibilities of parents concerning protection of property and dwelling rights of children, leading aspects of privatization and distribution of residential property. In the course of meeting participants received answers on different questions: rights to alimony, pension liability (getting acquainted with changes in pension legislation), and the appointment of housing subsidies.

“Each of us – an adult and a child – is a full member of society, its inseparable part, free and equal in own dignity and rights. Getting to know the main rights and responsibilities is the first step to complete self-fulfillment as citizen. You have to know your rights in order to prevent their violation, and in case the latter happens – to protect them” Mrs. Galyna made a summing up.

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