Coordinating Council for Developing Civil Society under the President of Ukraine: Asset or Drawback?


Recently, the youngest Caritas Branch, Caritas Volyn’, which was established at the beginning of 2012 and is already very active, celebrated a very unique holiday. The event dedicated to Mother’s Day united nearly 50 children and their family members at the Caritas Volyn’s Social Centre. Caritas Volyn’s project aimed at helping the children of labour migrants serves nearly 80 children; of them 45 are children of labour migrants, who need recreational activities planned for them, rearing and psychological support. Clients also include orphans and children from disadvantaged or single parent families.

The social centre in Novovolyn’sk offers children a chance to socialize with their peers as well as interesting and healthy ways to spend spare time such as organized developmental games, discussions, trainings, excursions, meetings with interesting people, sporting and creative events. The children can join groups that take part in competitions, excursions, hikes and other trips.

The holiday event was dedicated to mothers and womanhood and consisted of two parts: first, honouring mothers as the guardians of humankind and second to honouring the Mother of God. Tetyana Halyts’ka, Social Pedagogue from the Psycho-Social Support for Children of Labour Migrants project opened the celebration by stating: “Today, all over Ukraine, we can hear the sincere words of children expressing their respect, gratitude and best wishes to their mothers. We hear songs and poems dedicated to them. We need to remember that many of our children live without their mother’s presence, care and attention.

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