What is the stage of palliative medicine implementation in Ukraine?


12.01.13, Ukraine
«Since school years I was aware of alcohol and its influence,- explains Pavlo, the former addict. – However, neither at that time, nor in my studentship, I wasn’t so interested in drinking as in my 49 years old. That happened when problems in my family and professional life occurred.

Firstly, it was only a bottle of beer in the evening, afterwards I needed something harder. And finally that led to ruining of my family, losing job, and psychological difficulties. I accused in my problems everybody around, apart from myself. I felt that something bad was going on with me; I was turning into «walking corpse», though I hadn’t a slightest understanding how to cope with it and whether it was even possible. I address everybody: doctors, folk healers, fortunetellers, and priests. However, changes didn’t advance. Only two desires existed in my head: get drunk and forgot myself in dreams. In the meantime, I understood more clearly that I had turned into rubbish. That’s when the need in principal changes arose.

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