Caritas launched project on rendering assistance for women affected by violence in Khmelnytsky region


09.01.13, Khmelnytsky
Holiday for children and youth (from homeless, poor, crisis, single-parent and large families) was organized at the beginning of January in Caritas Khmelnytsky. This occasion brought together nearly 50 people. Though there are dozens hundreds people in need, Caritas employees say that there are no events of this kind in the city. Such events in Christmas time have been carried out by Caritas for six years.

Joint prayer, lean dinner and singing carols were on holiday agenda. Christmas holiday for crisis children and youth in Caritas received broad media coverage. In fact, civil society organizations cope with problems of socially unprotected citizens better than the state. This situation boosts self-organization of local communities to combat social inequality.

Dmytro Lysyy, Coordinator of Mobile Work with Children and Youth in Khmelnytsky, says: “Such events are very important not only for the reason to feed and warm individuals who found themselves in crisis life circumstances.

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