Eparchy-wide Meeting Held at Caritas Kolomyya


Every three months at the Caritas Kolomyya-Chernivtsi Eparchy a meeting is held by priests and Directors of the Eparchy’s Caritas affiliates. This time the meeting was especially productive, because they discussed and finalized how to hold the Easter Basket event.

They summarized outcomes of recently held events such as: Help St. Nicholas Visit Orphans, Christmas Candle, and Gift Children Happiness and created a plan to develop smaller affiliates in Snyatyn, Horodenka, Nadvirna, Kosiv, Tluvach and other towns. 20 representatives from all the Eparchy’s affiliates attended. They shared their experiences and successes and developed a joint strategy that would enable them to effectively help the largest number of people.

Deacon Serhiy Tryf’yak notes that it is very important to hold such meetings because Caritas Kolomyya-Chernivtsi Eparchy functions on the territory of the entire Eparchy. Unique issues associated with certain affiliates can best be understood through close cooperation and constant interaction.

Fr. Andriy Budzak, Director of Caritas Nadvirna attended the meeting. The Nadvirna affiliate was established at the same time as the Kolomyya branch. Currently they run four social programs. They hold all the traditional annual events offered by Caritas, but mostly, each parish organizes these events independently.

The priest is certain that such meetings help unite the affiliates behind a common goal. Centralized assistance is more effective, and a detailed approach will expedite developing all the links in the Caritas Kolomyya-Chernivtsi Eparchy.

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