Disadvantaged Children Vacationed on the Sea with Caritas Kolomiya


For child clients of Caritas Kolomiya, the summer was jam packed. The children travelled to the mountains, went on various excursions, and had a tip to a lake. The last treat of the summer was a trip to the sea. The trip lasted one week and left the children with many new impressions.
Fifteen children and two counsellors vacationed on the Arabat Spit on the Sea of Azov near Heniches’k. They were housed in private buildings that provided all modern conveniences. One of the counsellors, Nataliya Hryhorchuk told us about this and other trips that Caritas organized this summer.
She noted that during the events organized throughout the summer, the children matured a great deal, became more unified, and more responsible for one another.

One could see joy in their eyes, a spark of hope for a happy and bright future. The main benefit of these activities was having the children experience care and support, which is usually sorely lacking at home because all the children were from crisis families or the children of labour migrants.

They had lots of fun: there was a best sand sculpture contest, they collected shells for future art projects, went to discos, rode on carousels, slid down water slides, floated across the sea in huge inflatable tubes, took mud baths at the Syvash lake, learned how to make Plov, bought souvenirs, swam and sunbathed under the warm sun. They certainly had no time to be bored!

It was fourteen year old Iryna Yaroshenko’s third time vacationing on the sea. The first two times she went with her parents, but she had the most fun this year during her trip with Caritas. Lyubov Maykonets’ka vacationed on the sea for the first time. She said she couldn’t dream of a better vacation. She said she felt very luck. Such joyous moments rarely occur in the uncertain lives of these children; therefore the main goal of the trip was successfully accomplished!

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