Countless Victims of the 1932-22 Famine—Not only Statistics but the Fate of Individuals


On 25 November Caritas Brody held an event to commemorate and honour victims of the 1932-33 Famine (Holodomor).

Staff and volunteers from the local Caritas together with young clients of the 100 Talents Studio (which is run as part of the Psycho-Social Support for Children of Labour Migrants project), and pupils from the St. Peter & Paul Catechism School participated in the event. They lit candles in the form of a cross and laid flowers at the memorial for Victims of Political Repressions.

Yevhenya Skrebtsova, a social pedagogue from the project and Fr. Taras Dz’oba read various accounts and historic documents related to the Holodomor.

The event ended with a prayer led by Fr. Yaroslav Tsaryk and a moment of silence.

“This event hopes to remind us that the victims of this atrocity were actual people, not some abstract concept. It is important to recognize this and other memories by acknowledging events that happened in Ukraine’s and Europe’s past.

It is equally important to understand that these atrocities involved real people, it affected their dreams, expectations, emotions, and their perceptions of what happened afterwards. We would want the children that we care for to understand and value these things,” says Fr. Yaroslav, Director of the L’viv regional Caritas.

The bell silenced by granite,
Let the pain in your heart respond.
Let’s praise the living–
Slaughtered innocent victims…

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