Students of Kolomyia University get acquainted with Caritas activities


14.12.12, Ternopil
Recently very pleasant event has occurred in Caritas Ternopil. The baby of clients that were earlier considered as «street children» was baptized. A while ago both young parents overcame a good few of difficulties and loss in street life. Nowadays it is newly made happy family with other challenges to deal with ? how to supply a family and bring up a child; how to manage everything and not forget about the most important.

Girl’s parents consumed alcohol in abuse; since she was nearly 9 years old she stayed in boarding school wherefrom she always ran away at the street. Afterwards both parents died. The elder brother didn’t allow her to return back home. He was living there with family and held her off the sill.

The father of new born was also out of luck. His mother went abroad and disappeared without a trace.

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