Caritas Ukraine takes care of nearly 700 individuals that suffer from cold weather conditions


30.01.13, Ukraine
Last year by virtue of philanthropists from Germany and Vienna Caritas offices in Ukraine secured 12 heating and feeding points for almost 1.5 thousand of needful individuals. In order to take care of homeless and poor individuals this year Caritas Ukraine also creates the network of heating points with charity refectories. This initiative is aimed to provide people who suffer from cold with hot meals, supplies of medicines and warm clothes; prevent cases of hypothermia, render first aid to injured individuals, and also ensure psychological assistance.

According to the Ministry of Health Care of Ukraine and the State Emergency Service of Ukraine the number of victims that died of hypothermia and cold injury attained nearly 200 individuals, at the same time thousands of Ukrainians were harmed by cold weather conditions. Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine claims about location of approximately 3000 heating tents in various regions of Ukraine, though great amount of them are only declared on paper.

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