Caritas Ukraine started project of assistance to victims during events on Euromaidan


24.02.2014, Ukraine
Within the project it is expected to provide care to families of deceased heroes and also to assist victims of mass protests in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine that began at the end of November 2013 and lasted up to February 20, 2014.

Caritas Ukraine implements the following fields of assistance:
•    social;
•    material;
•    medical;
•    psychological;
•    other type of aid, on request.

Scope and duration period of assistance are defining taking in account details of each case. Geographically the project of assistance to victims is foreseen for Kyiv and Lviv cities and fulfilled by national coordinator, but depending on needs regional organizations of Caritas Ukraine in 8 oblasts of the country are involved.

As of 10.04.2014 national coordinator of Caritas Ukraine assistance project analyzed cases of 50 families of victims. Among them for care, rendering of medical and material assistance were chosen:
1)    Elderly mother of deceased on 18.02.2014 in Kyiv Sergiy Shapoval (Kyiv, 1969 year of birth).
2)    Low-income wife and 8-year old son of deceased on 20.02.2014 Yuriy Oleksandrovych Paskhalin (Kyiv / Cherkaska oblast, 1984 year of birth).
3)    Wife and two little children (6 and 8 years old) found in Kyiv on 18.02.2014 Naumov Volodymyr Grygorovych (Shevchenko Village, Dobropilskiy region, Donetsk oblast, 1970 year of birth).
4)    Wife Yulia and 8-year old son of beaten to death Andriy Tsepun (Kyiv, 1979 year of birth).
5)    4 children of deceased on 20.02.14 Vitaliy Opanasyuk (Rivne city).
6)    Wife and 4-year old son, diabetes mellitus patient (insulin-dependent), of deceased Nazar Myrko (Lviv, 1983 year of birth).
7)    Wife and two kids (2 and 4 years) of injured Oleksandr Nechyporuk (Lutsk city), notably assistance in surgical operation on augmentation of knee-joint.
8)    Injured Oleg Tuhar (Kryzhopol city, Vinnytska oblast, 1968 year of birth).
9)    Full orphan, 4-year old daughter of Grygoriy Arutyunyian (Rivne city). 
10)    Parents and 15-year old brother of deceased Oleksandr Hrapachenko (Rivne city, 1988 year of birth).
11)    Injured Rostyslav Ranenko (Chernihiv city, 1999 year of birth)  
12)    Injured Lytvynov O. (1985 year of birth).
13)    Danylenko O. (Luhanska oblast, 1972 year of birth).  
14)    Panteleychuk V. (Lviv, 1971 year of birth).
15)    Widow who is bringing up 4 children (including a disabled child) Kovalyshyn K. (Lviv, 1960 year of birth).
16)    Injured person Polyushko S.  (Kyivska oblast, 1985 year of birth).
17)    Injured person Lytvyn  I. (1976 year of birth).
18)    Injured person Siryi I. (Lvivska oblast, 1982 year of birth).
19)    Injured person Sushko V. (Zaporizhska oblast, 1983 year of birth).
20)    Injured person Dumanchuk I. (Lvivska oblast, 1961 year of birth).
21)    Injured person Podmovskiy M. (Lviv, 1965 year of birth).
22)    Injured person Gavryliv M. (Lviv, 1979 year of birth).
23)    Injured person Materytskyi Y. (Lvivska oblast, 1990 year of birth).
24)    Injured person Shakh V. (Lvivska oblast, 1989 year of birth).
25)    Injured person Kukulka I. (Lvivska oblast, 1978 year of birth).
26)    Eyewitness Gabchuk S. (Lvivska oblast, 1977 year of birth).
27)    Injured person Lyutov P. (Lvivska oblast, 1992 year of birth).
28)    Injured person Balysh V. (Lvivska oblast, 1987 year of birth).  
29)    Injured person Pylypchak V. (Lvivska oblast, 1985 year of birth).
30)    Injured person Nykolyn R. (Lvivska oblast, 1984 year of birth).

Moreover, Caritas Ukraine on basis of its regional organizations starts provides other types of help for victims of events that happened recently in Ukraine:
A) medical rehabilitation of complicated cases of victims;
B) psychotherapeutic assistance to victims of mass protests, protests’ witnesses;
C) care for internally displaced persons from Crimea.

Your contribution is not only a considerable help for complex care of needful Ukrainians, but manifestation of respect, trust and promotion of philanthropy development in Ukraine.

Our account details:

  • Donations within Ukraine

at current account 2600801913626 in Central branch of Public Joint-Stock Company “KREDOBANK”, code: 325365, International charitable foundation  “Caritas Ukraine”, ЄДРПОУ(list of company registers) 21695710
*destination of payment: charitable donation for statutory activity

  • Donations from outside of Ukraine

LVIV BRANCH of the CB JSC KREDOBANK (vul. Sakharova, 78, 79026 Lviv, Ukraine), SWIFT code: WUCBUA2X. Account holder: International Charitable Foundation “Caritas Ukraine”. Account #: 2600801913626. Name of bank correspondent: KBC Bank N.V. Brussels, Belgium, SWIFT code: KREDBEBB. Account # in bank correspondent: 480-9589677-71.
*please note that while transferring money it has to be marked as: Charitable Donation for ICF “Caritas Ukraine”

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