Caritas Ukraine has taken care of over 7 thousand seniors and those in need of assistance from outside


13.01.2014, Ukraine
“My name is Maria and I’m 62 years old. For the last 5 years Caritas Ukraine has been taking care of me within Home Care project.  

I am a disabled person since childhood, though I was born absolutely healthy. When I was a little girl I got sick with measles and had a complication from this illness on my legs. When I turned 11 years real problems began – I underwent several surgeries, and my growth stopped. My parents put in many efforts, however, almost nothing helped me.  

My further life developed in a challenging way – because of my limited abilities, prejudice of people who surrounded me or sometimes their indifference. And even today, late in life, I face acute housing issues and financial difficulties. These questions constantly worry me, don’t give me rest and feeling of peace, – that’s what people wish in decline of life. And I can’t go out from my house, because I don’t have a wheel-chair. I would like to publish my own book of novels, but again, it is not possible for me right now.

The only happiness in my life is the assistance rendered by Caritas social workers, and also by some of my good neighbors and friends.”

Every fifth individual reached advanced age and the majority of them are lonely people. Nearly 30 UAH is a sum of money determined by the Ukrainian state as sufficient  for one day of life of elderly person or individual who lost his/her ability to work. No doubt, these people also need to pay for noutrition, healthcare products, community facilities, hygine supplies, clothes, and shoes.

Therefore, work aimed at care of health and quality of life of seniors and those in need of assistance from outside is considered by Caritas Ukraine as one of the prioritized fields of its activities. Home Care project has been implemented for 12 years. Its objectives are: medical and social care and improvement of living conditions of lonely seniors, feeble, terminally-ill and those who are in need of permanent or temporary care as a result of disease advancement or received injury.

The employees of Home Care project provides their clients with wide range of services: body care of ill and feeble individuals; medical services; housekeeping; resolving legal issues; organization of recreation; consultations of clients and their relatives etc. All Home Care centers are organized with relevant medical and rehabilitation equipment, have well-trained qualified personnel and experienced local managers.

“I receive colossal support from these people. Caritas nurses assist me in different things. Whether they are cleaning the house or windows, washing or ironing linen, or carrying out my wishes – they don’t do it mechanically, but with joyful mood and open soul. I am really grateful to them!”

With help of Home Care project Caritas Ukraine provided care for over 7 thousands of seniors, disabled individuals, people who live with HIV/AIDS, palliative patients, victims of totalitarian regimes and Ostarbeiters.

Earlier, Home Care project was implemented in 13 cities of Ukraine: in Kyiv, Odessa, Donetsk, Lviv, Khmelnytskiy, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kolomyia, Stryi, Brody, Sosnivka, Zhovkva, Boryslav. For the last 2 years geography of the project has been constricted to 8 cities (Kyiv, Donetsk, Odessa, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Kolomyia and Boryslav) and seizes 500-600 clients.

Informational and consultation centres function at 8 branches of Caritas in Ukraine. Here, specialists in home care render consultations on ways to take care of ill individuals and to preserve health of their family members, relatives, and neighbours.  Also educational thematic trainings are conducted for volunteers and social workers. Each year thousands of people in need are seized by such assistance.

There is a possibility to loan out rehabilitation equipment in 6 centers of Home Care project. Needful Ukrainians are provided with anti-decubitus cellular mattresses and pillows, pneumatic bowls for head washing, neck support pillows, toilet seats, wheelchairs, two-wheeled folding walking aid, sticks with four supports etc.

In 6 centers of Caritas Ukraine there are social laundries.  By means of well-organized work of laundries over 200 people, clients of Home Care project; are rendered services on washing of dirty underlinen. It goes through washing and ironing process and is delivered to clients homes in ready-to-use condition.

Regional administrations of Home Care collaborate with local departments of social security for seniors and lonely ones, offices of Retirement funds, with subsidies departments, doctors from policlinics and hospitals with aim to redirect and consult clients, and also with educational establishments.

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