Caritas Ukraine congratulates you with Easter!


18.04.2014, Ukraine
With feeling of great joy and from the bottom of our heart we congratulate you with Easter Sunday. Easter is the most important Christian holiday that jubilates on victory of God’s son over death.

According to biblical legendary, Jesus Christ resurrected early in the morning and Resurrection was accompanied by a great earthquake – heavenly angel moved away a stone from Holy Sepulcher. At dawn women- myrrhophores Mary Magdalene, Virgin Mary, mother of Jacob and Salome came to the Sepulcher to cover Jesus body with redolent odour, but they saw a moved stone and an empty coffin. Afterwards, an angel appeared before anxious women and announced about Resurrection of Christ.

During a year after the last Easter there were many changes in lives of all people, our nation and the country.  These changes weren’t always positive; many of us had to face difficulties, poverty and failures. Our nation went through a real revolution of spirit, strength and unity, but also met with losses and grief.

We continue an active lobbying activity on national and regional levels that is directed at transformation of understanding in the society of a big need in support of non-governmental organizations which work in sphere of social services delivery. Such work is aimed to change state principles of cooperation with non-profit organizations, and also transform worldview and interaction with representatives of Ukrainian business, church, mass media, and ordinary citizens in crisis life conditions. We aspire to restore social justice, lower the poverty level, and enhance the culture of philanthropy and mutual development in the country.

We believe and work for our country to change for better with every day, with each year. We gladly encourage you to assist us in large-scale and complex service to needful people – those, who were left behind the society because of certain reasons.

Resurrection of Christ reminds us that opposed to instability of events in our mortal lives it is worth to put on the first place something longstanding and constant. Victory of Christ over death gives ground for our faith and hope, and for positive changes.

Before his crucifixion Jesus Christ taught his disciples to carry the Good News to every person. And the best sermon is our life, full of peace and patience, aspiration to love and truth. Church teaches us to live in peace, love, godliness, purity and service to neighbors. That’s why we wish you fulfillment of peaceable things, harmony, love and the good. Christ has risen!

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