Caritas Kyiv Helps Hundreds of Inmates


14.09.12, Ukraine
Thanks to the support of donors, for many years Caritas Kyiv has been helping 550 female inmates at the Chernihiv, Zbaraz’ka, Poltava, Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovs’k prisons. Recently Caritas workers again visited prisoners to distribute sweets, snacks, fruit, clothing, medicines, books and the Holy Bible. Additionally they provided assistance to 33 children who are housed at the orphanage attached to the Chernihiv prison colony,” reported Fr. Roman Syrotych, Director of Caritas Kyiv.

Helping inmates is just one of the different forms of aid that Caritas Kyiv has been providing to the disadvantaged for the past 20 years. Their focus is on helping female prisoners and children who were born in prison. As funding allows, they assist under aged inmates and male prisoners.

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