Caritas Kolomiya to Produce Brynza


There are many sheep in the Carpathian foothills and the locals have relied on this animal for many years. However, the number of sheep kept in this region has declined over the past century. For example, in the Kolomiya area no one keeps flocks of sheep any longer. Caritas of the Kolomiya-Chernivtsi eparchy decided to change this situation. Recently the animal farm “Kovcheh (Arc)” opened. The first animals introduced at the farm were sheep. The sheep have an honourable mission—to help children get re-socialized and to help treat them for numerous psychological traumas.

“Animal-assisted therapy is a regular medical technique. Horses, dolphins, cats, and bees become “doctors.” Why not add sheep to this list? Theory and practice has already proved that sheep are beneficial for human health,” says Serhiy Tryfyak, Director of the Kolomiya Caritas.

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