Caritas Ivano-Frankivs’k UGCC knows the Secrets of Communicating without Conflict


Every parent dreams of their child being successful. To make these dreams a reality one must make a concerted effort. Rearing children is the most important thing parents do. It was this idea the Ukrainian pedagogue V. O. Sukhomlys’kyy stressed when speaking to parents: “Creating a person—is the most stressful assignment of your lives. It takes life experience, wisdom, skill and art. Children are a blessing, created by your efforts.”

Naturally, each family has its own parenting experiences which contain achievements and failures. There are many reasons why parents make errors in rearing, but without a doubt, one of the most common reasons is that they lack knowledge about modern child-rearing practices. It is often difficult for parents to recognize flaws in the thoughts, feelings and actions that lie at the core of the family when parenting responsibilities are unequally shared by mother and father. Commonly, it is mothers who are more active in rearing and communicating with their children, fathers tend to participate only when they feel like it. Parents rarely present themselves as a united front.

Hospital volunteers gave out symbolic gifts to each patient. Gifts included: the Holy Scripture, water from Zarvanytsya, sweet rolls, words of hope and wishes for a speedy recovery.

“Being attentive when visiting with patients can make them feel that they are not abandoned by society and covey Christian values of mercy and love. Marking World Day of the Sick hopes to draw attention to the suffering and the infirm, to their need for proper care, treatment and the means to ease their discomfort,” said Fr. Roman after the charitable event.

The Home Care project has been functioning in Ukraine for over 10 years. It supplements traditional inpatient services provided by the state run organizations, cares for the elderly and those with HIV/AIDS. Home Care provides services for isolated individuals who cannot work, lonely married couples regardless of their age, or category of disability who partially or totally are unable to work for medical reasons and need help at home.

Services provided by Caritas Ukraine are focused on helping the ill and people who need care. They do things that the patient and his caregivers are not able to do. Home Care also cooperates with other organizations and groups that provide assistance, organize visits to the doctor, social services and consulting centres, visits from spiritual leaders, nutritional and other social assistance.

Caritas believes that caring for the ill, the infirm and suffering is a main priority and invites each person to take part in these activities.

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