Camp Forward and Upward held for Adolescents in the Vinnytsya Region who need Psycho-Social Protection


Can a person change n 12 days? Sure if they really want to and you have created conditions that allow for their success. Nonetheless, it may be necessary for the person to leave their comfort zone to make such changes. This is what kids did at the tent camp for adolescents called Forward and Upward. The camp was organized by the Vinnytsya regional human rights organization Dzerelo Nadiyyi and the National Scouting Organization of Ukraine Plast in Vinnytsya. The camp was financed by the International Organization for Migration and the Khmel’nyts’kyy Regional Caritas.

“The daily schedule, planned out down to the second, forced the campers to take a good look at their time management. The assigned daily chores taught campers skills for surviving in the wild which will come in handy in their regular lives,” say Caritas employees. Various workshops helped the campers discover their creative talents and take on new hobbies. We were surprised that boys and girls were equally interested and attentive to detail when making origami, mandalas and string bracelets.

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