An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!


11.04.13, Ivano-Frankivsk
It is undoubtedly true that different diseases constrict not only seniors, but people of other age categories. In addition to this, lying patients are in great need of aid from outside. The reasons for such diseases are quite varied. Sometimes they are outcomes of other diseases. They can be consequences of traumatic cases or senility complicated by ailments. They may be caused by genetics or infectious diseases.

“In all cases these people are connected by lack of mobility and need in our assistance. Long-term bed rest is induced by consequences of severe course of acute and chronic diseases. Physical inactivity causes many serious complications that significantly worsen the outcomes of the underlying disease” Olya Solyanyk, Home Care Coordinator, explained at training for volunteers.

Caritas volunteers in Ivano-Frankivsk got together and were taught to prevent deuteropathy. Trainer informed volunteers about the main complications that emerge from long-lasting stay in bed, notably, bed sores, pneumonia, contractures and muscle atrophy. The event was organized in the framework of project ‘Palliative assistance in Ivano-Frankivsk’ on money of Caritas Archeparchy Vienna (Austria).

“People who take care of lying patients should avoid onset of bed sores. Obviously, it is rather grave problem that needs consideration. That’s why it is important to turn the patient’s body from one side to another or at back regularly, and to do the beds in the right manner. Furthermore, skin cleaning should be done on a timely basis” Olya Solyanyk pointed out. Moreover, volunteers got acquainted with therapeutic appliances used for prevention of bed sores, in particular – pressure reducing support surface, air-cushion, and pillows with flax. They were able to practice using these things.

Volunteers got skills on exercise therapy, active moves of patient and respiratory gymnastics for preventive care of contractures, atrophies and pneumonia. Training helped to understand that regular exercise will avoid these problems.

Training participants became convinced that there is always room to learn more. When you are confident in your actions and deeds, you can apply preventive measures to head off the disease. By the end of the event organizers wished participants not to face such situations where the skills obtained would be at hand. But quick recovery to all if the trouble occurs!


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