Administrators of Caritas Ukraine Invited to a Meeting of Spiritual Leaders in Luts’k


As part of an ongoing lecture series a meeting of spiritual leaders of the Luts’k eparchy of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church was held at the Order of Saint Basil the Great Monastery at the end of June. The meeting included representatives of Caritas Ukraine and Caritas Volyn’; its goal was to explore charitable service to the church and if it complied with the UGCC-2020 development strategy.

The meeting started with a Divine Liturgy led by the Luts’k Exarch Yosephat Kyr (Hovera). On this day the church honoured martyrs recently beatified by Pope John Paul II. In his sermon, Bishop Yosephat used St. Mykola Chanets’kyy and those who were with him as role models and called on people to emulate their selfless lives which were full of service to the Church and to people.

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