Disabled Caritas Client Wins Nationwide Creative Contest


18.10.12, Kyiv-Cherkasy
Recently Caritas Kyiv helped a family with four children living in a tent in the forest. The children, aged 5, 4, 2 and 2 months and their parents lived in the woods without sufficient food, clothing or the ability to attend to their hygiene.

What’s worse, when temperatures overnight in the Kyiv region plummeted to near freezing, the family only had their simple tent and body heat for warmth. Thanks to the efforts of Caritas employees and a local priest of the UGCC, this homeless family was fed and is now living in a house in a village.

The father, Oleksandr, aged 31, was one of many children born to a poor family in a village in the Kherson region. His 27 year old wife Tamara doesn’t know her family because they gave her up to an orphanage which raised her.

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