527—Don’t Become a Victim of Human Trafficking


Caritas Ukraine organized a week long seminar for staff of the Mobile Work with Youth and Psycho-Social Support for Children of Labour Migrants projects. The seminar was held from 12-16 September in Odesa. It addressed group dynamics and how to conduct group work with young people.

Frank Dokler led the seminar. Mr. Dokler is from Germany and has 15 years experience working with street children. He encouraged participants to analyze their work and to develop methods that would improve and optimize it. He stressed that social service sector employees should work to uncover the potential and hidden talents of the people with, and for whom they work.

“I have only attended a hand full of seminars so my personal experience is limited but. I have to say that this is the first seminar that I attended that was lively and varied in its approach. It was structured so that each day’s knowledge was grounded on the information received in the previous days.

The last two days of the seminar were the hardest. We learned a lot about issues that we encounter during the course our work. Another thing that I really liked was that we were shown how to find, the answers to questions that we continually ponder within ourselves,” explains Yuliya Marunchak, Coordinator of Projects for the children of labour migrants in Drohobych in the L’viv region, who participated in the seminar.

Without a doubt, everyone at the seminar learned a lot. The brainstorming at the seminar, the massive quantity of information, the virtual absence of theory, and the opportunity to implement that which they learned, were all designed to help the participants become good at what they do—serving people by addressing their needs.

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