A 1? Month Long Summer Camp for Needy Children ended in Khmelnytskyy


From 16 June through 30 July a day camp named Kovali (Blacksmiths) took place at the Khmelnytskyy Caritas. The camp slogan was:

We have a promising future!
We’re learning and relaxing
We are the blacksmiths of our lives
We will overcome our struggles. “

For many years the local Caritas has cared for disadvantaged children, orphans, children and adolescents with infectious diseases, and the children of labour migrants.

A social centre was created for them where they can come every day, do their homework, participate in creative workshops, eat, and participate in recreational trips, excursions and camps. Tens of children of different age groups, happily and purposefully spent each day, from 10:00am through 2:00pm, for a month and a half at the local Caritas branch.

The day camp’s activities were divided by theme: geography, local history, happy math, ethnography, creativity, travellers and unknown lands, world crafts, and healthy lifestyle. The children also took part in countless competitions, contests, role playing games, hikes, and social events.

Qualified psychologists, pedagogues, and social workers together with gifted and innovative volunteers worked with the children.

They were all united by one idea: to help less fortunate children have an interesting vacation while learning useful skills, gaining knowledge, and developing values.

“Caritas’ summer camps are created for children and adolescents from vulnerable or disadvantaged families, orphans, and children of labour migrants.

The goal is to provide a healthy vacation for children, where they can learn to enjoy healthy active recreation and leisure activities, develop the skills necessary for daily living, participate in a variety of creative workshops, actively communicate with others and create cohesion in their social groups,” notes Zoryana Lukavetska, National Coordinator for Child and Youth Assistance Programs for Caritas Ukraine.

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