Words of thankfulness

Dear Friends,

Thank you for joining us in the response to the Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine!

Through your support you have joined the Caritas team – you have been in each location with us helping mothers with children and elderly in transit to the border, providing that first response for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), and assisting people near and across the contact line (as possible). As of August 17, together we have provided 2 million humanitarian services to no less than 1.5 million people. We’ve been able to reach this number by dramatically scaling our network response in the first critical months from 19 to a network of 37 centers working through 448 parish hubs, ensuring the deep reach of aid to areas often missed by larger organizations. By joining the Caritas effort, you are joining into the uniqueness of localized services provided professionally, in line with humanitarian principles, and with the heart, our Caritas communities carry into all their activities. At our centers, people find answers not only to their basic needs but also a community of warmth and kindness that listens and supports – a first step in healing from trauma. We are your hearts and hands on the ground.

Thanks again for your solidarity, and let’s keep up the good work to ensure mercy and hope for people affected by war. 


Tetiana Stawnychy, President of Caritas Ukraine

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