Caritas Odesa UGGC participated in International Children’s Day celebrations


A concert was held to celebrate International Children’s Day on 3 July on the Kulykov Field in Odesa. During the celebrations a youth work fair was held; it featured organizations, foundations, companies, student unions, and Odesa employment centres. The event was organized by the Odesa Regional Department of Families and Children under the patronage of Eduard Matviychuk, Head of the Odesa Regional Administration.

The European Commission is a very unique European Union (EU) institution. Its main function is European integration but it also monitors breaches of agreements, handles external relations, counsels EU member states on paths of development, and traditionally protects the interests of small member states.

Women make up about half of all migrants in the world and this figure grows annually. In Ukraine labour migration very often involves women. Female migrants encounter unique problems and hazards in their native and host countries. They often become victims of abuse (psychological, physical, or sexual).

Women wanting to return to Ukraine after being victims of abuse need comprehensive advice and guidance in Germany before their departure, and to be put in contact with organizations that will help them after they return to their homeland so that they can resume their lives.

Because of this situation, Caritas focuses on helping to reintegrate Ukrainian migrants who wish to come back to Ukraine.
During the meeting between Caritas Ukraine and Caritas Germany the activities of both organizations was presented, and their goals and the possibility of cooperation were discussed.

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