Hot-line for psychological support of IDPs began its activity


21.10.2015, Ukraine

A new project on provision of psychological support to IDP families with children was initiated by All-Ukrainian Civic Organization “Magnolia” that is Caritas Ukraine partner. Psychological assistance is family-oriented and rendered chargelessly over the phone number 0-800-50-14-14 during weekdays from 10:00 till 18:00.

Assistance to the displaced from Donbas an Crimea is one of Caritas Ukraine priority. We welcome new initiatives of partner organizations that begin to work in this area of intervention and gladly cooperate with like-minded structures.

According to our experience, informing and psychological support in work with the displaced persons remain current and relevant. Giving people certain orientation, providing them with assistance and discussing possible ways to overcome complicated situation – these are considerable steps for their adaptation to new conditions.

Gratuitous hot-line by CO “Magnolia” was created especially for rendering of a family-oriented psychological aid to IDPs in Ukraine. The project is designed, first of all, for consultations of the displaced with kids who have difficulties in psycho-social adaptation to new conditions of dwelling and as a consequence – there is a threat for family preservation.

Professional psychologists, project employees communicate with the displaced absolutely gratuitously, knowledgeably and on an anonymous basis. Hot-line number 0-800-50-14-14 operates during weekdays from 10:00 till 18:00. At other point of time a message can be left on an automatic responding machine – hot-line psychologists will definitely call back to discuss the problem and render assistance needed. It is also possible to leave a request for a Skype consultation.

The project is aimed to establish a dialogue with IDPs on principles of trust, solidarity and support; motivate people to share their own problems and count on support of others. 

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