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Children and young people were always one of top-priority target groups for Caritas Ukraine programs. They are always welcome at all centers, and the International Day for Protection of Children is a perfect opportunity to bring happiness to wards, many of whom seldom have a reason for celebration and fun. But nevertheless, children are always children. They believe in fairy tales and miracles, and Caritas staff is pleased to be magicians who bring the joy.

On the International Day for Protection of Children, Caritas Ivano-Frankivsk organized an outdoor party near the lake for its youngest wards. Kids were drawing on asphalt, reciting poems and singing. The party finished with releasing balloons into the sky. Everybody made their dearest wish and received a nice present as a memento of the celebration.  Elder wards – pupils and students, who are also Caritas volunteers, celebrated this day in their own way. In informal settings, they discussed children rights and cases when these rights are violated, shared their plans for future.  As the event took place outdoors, children played volleyball and enjoyed pizza. The events were conducted under the project   “National network for children and families” with financial support from Caritas Ukraine and under the project “Volunteer center of CF “Caritas Ivano-Frankivsk UGCC” with financial support of Caritas of the Archidiocese of Vienna (Austria).

To celebrate the occasion, wards of Caritas Kharkiv visited Feldman Ecopark, where they took part in a bright and funny show with animators and costumed characters, learnt a lot of interesting facts about animals, got the chance to pat and feed them in the petting zoo and spend profitably time outdoors. A festive program “The princess who never smiled on holiday” was prepared for the youngest wards of the Center for Children and Family. Kids actively took part in contests, played with clowns and joined a master class on creating “the Caritas sun”. Volunteers – students of Ukrainian Engineering and Pedagogical Academy assisted with the organization and holding of the party.

Caritas Odesa traditionally organized a celebration at the Green theatre, where children’s festival was also carried out together with MAMAFEST ODESSA. With the help of caring good-doers, children got the chance to play learning games, attend master classes, study English and read books. Parents in their turn received the possibility to consult family psychologist on the topic “How to protect children’s psychological wellbeing” and attend the first aid training. And of course the presents – all the participants left the event pleased and happy. One more surprise was prepared for the guests: to finish the celebration they were invited to McDonalds at Derebasivska Street, where warm and friendly communication was accompanied with positive emotions and cheerful mood.

On the International Day for Protection of Children, Caritas Poltava held a party in the Sunny Park. Its program included contests, master classes, relay races and many other interesting activities. ‘It was a real celebration, which our children will never forget. Today, it is so important not to put out the sparkle in child’s eyes and keep it shining in their hearts,’ organizers say.

On the occasion of the International Day for Protection of Children, the event for disabled children took place in Kramatorsk. Kids visited a cinema and saw Ukrainian cartoon “Mykyta the Tanner”. After the cartoon, a wonderful surprise was waiting for them: funny animators, entertainment program, sweet presents and contests.  Psychologists together with partners from public organization “Association of women “Pani”, Kramatorsk Entrepreneurs Club and GO “Step into the future” prepared a real celebration. The purpose of the event was not only to carry out an entertainment event for kids, but to help parents to fight the stereotype of disabled children. Quite often, parents of such children shut themselves off the rest of the worlds and are afraid to let their children out to avoid possible offense or mockery. Such events provide children and parents with a possibility to socialize and get to know each other.  The celebration helped them to put their worries behind and enjoy the party. ‘Our children were smiling, playing and watching the cartoon as the others. Thanks a lot for the chance to give some joy to our children on the International Day for Protection of Children,’ one of the mothers shared her impressions.

Other representative offices of Caritas also did not forget to prepare a celebration for their wards. On the occasion of the International Day for Protection of Children, Caritas Kyiv jointly with Dniprovskyi District Service for Children provided assistance to 50 families. Wards of the  Child-Friendly Space at CF “Caritas Donetsk” in Dnipro took part in the event “Drawing on asphalt” at  a parking lot of the Bridge City shopping center.  Caritas Volyn prepared a party for children in Novovolynsk Park.

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