Caritas Ukraine transferred medical equipment worth of about UAH 2 million to Volnovakha Central District Hospital


Under the MEDEVAC project for purchase of medical equipment for Volnovakha hospital in eastern Ukraine, Caritas Ukraine in direct cooperation with doctors held an open tender and bought equipment worth of UAH 1,961,796.00 for the medical institution. The project was implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic and MEDEVAC Programme.

Volnovakha Central District Hospital received under the project:

– an infant incubator;

–  laparoscopic equipment and instruments;

– an anaesthesia ventilator for adults and children;

– operating lamps;

–universal hydraulic operating table with necessary equipment.

The hospital in Volnovakha was chosen not coincidentally for the project realization. The accessibility of medical services and health care is critically poor in the region. This conclusion was supported by the results of the monitoring of people’s needs in the buffer zone, conducted by Caritas Austria in cooperation with Caritas Ukraine and other local partners which operate directly in the region. The analysis confirmed that the support of the heath care has to be one of the key priorities for involvement. Volnovakha Hospital is situated about 20km from the line of contact.

The medical institution is a central district hospital providing service to over 86,000 patients –citizens of the district. The hospital is also a center for rendering medical services to over 38,000 IDPs. At the same time, it provides the first aid and surgical services for wounded military men who need an urgent surgical treatment.

The purchase of medical equipment for the hospital will improve the access to quality and more efficient medical services, which will lead to a bigger number of saved lives and better treatment of patients.

A chief doctor of Volnovakha CDH, Viktor Saranov says that the administration of the medical institution sincerely thanks for the provided assistance, openness to doctor’s needs, consultations on medical equipment and support during the project implementation. “Our hospital received extremely necessary medical equipment with Caritas efforts. It will help save lives of thousands of citizens in our district and IDPs. We haven’t had laparoscopic equipment before, which is an opportunity for surgeons and gynecologists to provide surgical services using modern, progressive technologies, which in its turn will speed up the recovery of the patients “, says Viktor Saranov.

“Purchased medical equipment will give doctors the possibility to react to the needs of the patients in the most efficient way and improve the quality of medical services by increasing a number of patients who received a proper medical care. Caritas Ukraine is going to continue supporting Volnovakha CDH. In particular, we expect an additional financial aid from Czech partners to purchase new equipment”, informed Halyna Kurnytska, Project manager, Caritas Ukraine.

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