Caritas Ukraine supports development of small business among IDPs


 03.08.2015 Ukraine

This summer 165 grants for the growth of IDPs small business were provided by Caritas Ukraine. Conflict in eastern Ukraine has lasted already the second year, coming back home is dangerous ifnot impossible for more than 1.3 mln. people. Within own strategy of assistance to the displaced in re-establishing livelihoods in places of their dwelling, Caritas Ukraine organized provision of grantsfor small business in Kharkivska, Donetska, Dnipropetrovska and Zaporizska oblasts.

In order to participate in the selection process one should have previous experience related towork of small business, submit description of his/her project and fill-in a registration form. All in all, over 400 business-plans were submitted and reviewed, out of them 165 were chosen for funding. The first part of grants was paid at the beginning of May, the second one – in June.

Farm production and livestock breeding were among the most popular fields of activity of future businessmen; they took 20% of all requests for grants. Then, in popularity rating there were services on repair and agriculture, 10% of those who applied were willing to work in the sphere of design and handmade craft, the same number of applicants wanted to work in foodservice.

In the process of work all grant beneficiaries have to fill in the form, with its help they can follow their business expenditures and revenues, amount of working hours per week and investment from other resources. Data collected will be consolidated by the end of the project and used as a means of profitability evaluation of each small enterprise.

This developmental program was implemented with financial support from Catholic Relief Services (USA).

As a response to the inflow of IDPs who fled military conflict in eastern Ukraine Caritas Ukraine launched a program of assistance for 6500 people in need (the displaced and local communities) in Donetska, Luhanska, Kharkivska, Dnipropetrovska and Zaporizska oblasts.

The aim of a new program is rendering of assistance in securing basic needs and provision of decent accommodation for people affected by conflict in eastern Ukraine.


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