Caritas Ukraine develops professional skills of its employees


Over the last years, Caritas Ukraine has significantly expanded its activities and the amount of drawn funds.  The further development of the foundation foresees not only implementation of new programs, but also stable institutional development that requires a constant development of staff professional skills. The key approach of the foundation is a high professional level of the staff and constant development of their skills by participating in internal and partnership trainings, seminars, conferences, as well as internship in Ukraine and abroad.

One of such initiative was a training session for Caritas Ukraine management called “Project planning using the logical framework approach”, held with support of the Catholic Relief Service (CRS). The training took place on June 19 – 22 in Kyiv with more than thirty participants. Its mail goal was to teach the staff to manage the project cycle and draw up competitive project proposals, create a team spirit and develop a shared strategy for fundraising activities and project management. The high-quality project development processes will only contribute to their successful implementation in order to bring positive changes in lives of people, Caritas Ukraine works for.

The training was delivered by trainers of the CRS representative office in Ukraine. Key targets of the four-day training were: 

  • strengthen capabilities of Caritas Ukraine staff to manage project development on a team level and in cooperation with the partners;
  • ensure establishment of a system to implement a unified approach system to project development on Caritas Ukraine national level;
  • improve staff skills and abilities to use the methodology for project cycle

The training was mostly focused on improving practical skills. The participants got the possibility to feel like a part of a big team that develops a shared project. And although it was just a training exercise, everybody felt their involvement in the development and significantly improved and refreshed their skills.

Training program was based on teaching methods for adults, adapted for needs of Caritas Ukraine management team. The content and methods were selected in accordance with information provided by the company’s management, using examples of existing projects with amendments from representatives of CRS, Caritas Austria and Caritas Germany. Moreover, all practical examples were based on the current situation in the social sphere in Ukraine, in particular areas of Caritas activities. This allowed the participants to use their experience and share their own observations and warnings. Most of the sessions involved a high level of participation, team work, documents and case study, analysis of the obtained experience.

This training has become the first large-scale event to unite Caritas Ukraine management team. Such approach is to become systematic in future to support the organizational steadiness of the foundation.

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