Caritas organized a summer camp for wards with special needs


On May 21-26, a family summer camp of the “Recreation and Social Rehabilitation Center for young people with special needs” at CF “Caritas-Lviv UGCC” took place at the leisure center in Stryi region.

The summer camp was organized with support of the Department of Social Protection of Lviv City Council Department of Humanitarian Policy. 20 young people with special needs, accompanied by 14 parents and 3 social workers, received an opportunity to spend a wonderful and meaningful holiday, develop their creativity, broaden outlook and improve their health.

Every day was packed with various events, leaving not a moment to spare: family competition “A minute before the victory”, joint walks, health-promoting activities, swimming in the pool, hippotherapy, communication with animals, and in the end – a flower party.

The day in the family camp for young people with special needs started with morning exercises, which helped the wards to feel fresh and full of strength all day long. During the family competition “A minute before the victory”, the participants were separated by drawing to take part in different contests. They were constructing pyramids,  putting out burning candles with balloons, moving objects without  using hands , shooting the target, putting together jigsaw puzzle in clumsy gloves, etc. Time for each contest was controlled with a sandglass. And even though the tasks were rather tough and complicated, the community spirit helped to overcome all the difficulties.

Children moved their mothers to tears by dedicating one of the events to their beloved. Kids were reciting poems, singing, and presented handmade postcards and presents at the end of the performance.

The recreation summer camp warmed every heart with marvelous memories. 28-year-old Nazar liked ostriches and a peacock the most. He visited them every day.  32-year-old Nastia was excited about horse riding. Alina fell in love with swans.  All the wards and parents are looking forward to the next camp in August in Yaremche.

Mother of 32-year-old Tamara says they would not have been able to come here at their own expense due to financial difficulties. Together with her daughter, she feels t where everybody understands and supports each other.

Mariya Chuchman, Coordinator of Project “Recreation and Social Rehabilitation Center for young people with special needs” together with all participants of the camp expresses her gratitude to Lviv City Council,  a chain of coffee houses Kredens Cafe and all good-doers for providing the possibility of active leisure, rest and recreation.

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